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The Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory room that provides sensory stimulation and/or reduces anxiety or tension. The environment is safe and non-threatening. Participants experience self-control, autonomous   discovery and exploration.

Benefits of the Snoezelen Room

  • Relaxation, leisure and enjoyment

  • Stimulation of primary senses

  • Increases physical contact with caregivers

  • Increased understanding of residents i.e. likes/dislikes

  • Allows residents to explore, develop, choose and have some opportunity to control the environment

  • Encourages physical movement and motivation

  • Varied activities accommodate a wide range of likes, dislikes and needs

  • Setting for individual or group work i.e. anxiety management

  • Promotes staff awareness of the importance of the primary senses

  • The use of sensory equipment can be beneficial for all ages and diagnoses

Basic Principles

The Snoezelen environment is an atmosphere that is therapeutic, but flexible enough to meet the needs of the residents. The basic principles in the process are:

     1.  The environment is user friendly and familiar.

     2.  The introduction of choice for both the resident and the caregivers sharing the

     3.  The length of time in the environment is determined by the residents wish to remain.
          Giving control to someone with limited cognitive function provides independence.

     4.  Clear identification of goals and objectives makes the experience a therapeutic one.   
          The environment is not treated as a holding area for those who are difficult to handle.

     5.  The Snoezelen Room provides a failure-free experience, which may be unique in the
          care of the person with dementia.




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