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Welcome to S&R Nursing Homes, a collection of long term care communities dedicated to the comfort and quality of life for our residents. Part of S&R Group, S&R Nursing Homes Ltd. has been enriching lives for seniors in Southwestern Ontario for over three decades. As proud leaders in the communities they serve, S&R has created unique long term care communities that foster a joy of living through genuine friendship and an innovative approach to care.

Our Mission - To enhance our Residents "Quality of Life"


Every S&R long term care community delivers personalized care designed around an individual’s particular needs and life practices. Every effort is made to enable residents to maintain their personal goals, independence, identity and dignity.


We strive to ensure our residents experience.

  • Dignity and respect

  • The ability to direct their own care (residents direct their care)

  • The ability to participate in meaningful activities (that relate to their personal lifestyle)


We believe these three goals in long term care provide quality of life. At S&R Nursing Homes quality of life is defined by the resident For example, some residents find that quality of life for them is spending time with their family while others will say their quality of life is improved if they have independence in their activities of daily living. We need to ask the resident “What is important to them” and then, as team members, we need to work towards accommodating their choices and preferences.  

One way we do this is through our Life story. In the Life Story (done upon admission) is where we explore a resident’s past history to identify personal routines and preferences and life style choices. We then integrate these lifestyle preferences into the plan of care.


                         “We focus on the possibilities, not limitations”


Our Resident’s plan of care is started at time of admission to the Home. The plan of care outlines the care choices of the resident such as bathing routines and time to get up in the morning and time to go to bed. Once the personalized plan of care is complete, we support our team members in the Home to be “partners in care” with residents and families. This moves us away from an institutional model of care to a more social model of care. In this environment we discuss resident and family requests and ideas in a positive light so that all of our stakeholders (resident, families and team members) are equal partners in care.



Wellness Promotion at S&R Nursing Homes


Restorative Care


Our Homes have a culture of restorative care and we believe that residents should maintain their activity levels for as long as they are able. Our restorative care consists of nursing interventions that promote the resident’s ability to adapt and adjust to living as independently and safely as is possible. With a team approach we assist the resident to maximize his/her remaining strengths and abilities. Restorative nursing, unlike rehabilitative nursing, is primarily nursing based and does not involve outside disciplines. Its’ focus is to maintain function and happens on a daily basis with the front line care team members. Restorative care assists the resident to adjust to skills lost through chronic disease and/or disuse.


Rehabilitative Nursing focuses on specialized skills and the retraining of residents to cope with a change in condition or an acute episode - it is retraining, re-education and new skill learning. Rehabilitation is done in partnership with Physiotherapy and tends to be more focused with significant progress in a shorter time frame. Goals are set and monitored to ensure they are achieved in a set period of time.


Music and Memories


We recognize that sensory experiences using music gives loved ones with cognitive impairment a chance to once again experience the emotions they may have lost through dementia. There is evidence from recent studies that indicates music can improve mood and provide a calming sense of community for residents. Music therapy is a recurring program that provides ongoing comfort and improved quality of life for our residents. ( McDermott , Cremlin, Riddell, Orrell., International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Vol 28,Issue 8. )


Montessori-Based Programs


At S&R Nursing Homes, we believe that Residents can direct their own care and it begins the team members knowing our residents!  On admission, our Life Enrichment team completes a “Life Story” together with the resident and their family.  Understanding the person, we seek to incorporate both meaning and purpose into daily routines, in order to maintain ability and maximize potential!  Montessori-based programs offer a variety of “failure free”  activities, tailored to individual resident needs.


This method of programming focuses on the person and engages the senses. Residents with cognitive impairment enjoy the process of participating, to the level of their ability, in activities that were a part of their previous lifestyle.  Through our life stories written upon admission we explore their past and activities they once enjoyed.


These are just a few of the ways we support meaningful living and quality of life for our residents.


The Comfort of Home and Good Friends


A S&R long term care home is an environment of warmth and friendship. Passionate and dedicated team members go the extra mile to ensure every resident is treated as part of the family. Residents who call it home enjoy a lifestyle enriched with quality care, enduring friendships and optimum wellness.

S&R Team Members and management work together in an environment of mutual respect and team members are encouraged to participate in decisions that affect their work environment. We believe that a satisfying and positive work environment for our team members leads to excellent care for our residents.


Recognized Professionals


S&R Nursing Homes are licensed by the Province of Ontario and belong to the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Our long term care communities also participate in the accreditation process by CARF Canada.


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